Training for Raw and Scented Agarbatti Making

Kuldeep Agarbatti is providing training through the technical person to Kuldeep Agarbatti Contract Manufacturers and their workers in their Manufacturing units minimum one day maximum one week according to the unit size for these purpose.

  • To operate Machinery,

  • To filter the powder,

  • To mix powder,

  • To fill the mixed Atta and sticks in the machines,

  • To pick the wet Agarbattis from machines

  • To short damages

  • To control damages

  • To dry Agarbattis

  • To bundle Agarbattis

  • To pack the Agarbattis in 10 to 15 kg used cartons / in Gunny Bags

  • To check counting

  • To check dipping (Scent Observation) ratio


Kuldeep Agarbatti advises Kuldeep Agarbatti Contract Manufacturers to directly purchase Jiggat, Saw Dust, Charcoal and Bamboo sticks from the suppliers about quantity and Quality of the raw material and from where to be purchased. If the manufacturers know any good raw material suppliers situated in their nearby places that can be purchased after quality testing and approval by Kuldeep Agarbatti. There is no any restriction. And also Kuldeep Agarbatti recommends to Kuldeep Agarbatti Contract Manufacturers that what type and model of machines, where to be purchased and from which branded Agarbatti machinery manufacturers. Only the world wide Indian made branded machinery is recommended.Kuldeep Agarbatti is not encouraging pre-used machines, imported machines and unbranded machines to the contract manufacturers. They can directly purchase the machines without any middle man. The recommended machines are available in Patna.


Kuldeep Agarbatti is getting enquiries from its new and existing Customers / Buyers every day
It will provide the buyers requirements details after testing and moulding the Sample.
It will guide the Kuldeep Agarbatti Contract Manufacturers to interact the buyers through explaining the quality specifications
They are guided to directly finalize the price and mode of payment for their finished products


Kuldeep Agarbatti is providing training for making branded Agarbattis in its factory for minimum one day maximum One week according to the requirements of the Entrepreneurs.
Mixing ratio about perfumes with diethyl phthalate according to the MRP of the Agarbatti inner boxes.

  • To dip the raw Agarbattis in the RTD “Ready to Dip”

  • To fill the perfumed Agarbattis in the pouches and in the inner boxes

  • To operate pouch sealing machine

  • To put and tie the dozen boxes in the master carton boxes


Kuldeep Agarbatti provides the buyers and their enquiry details with the guidance for interacting the new buyers.

  • How to interact the Dealers, Distributors, Super Stockists, Exporters and C&F

  • How to can-was the retailers

  • How to negotiate the price with the buyers

  • How to prepare the scented Agarbattis according to the expected price and Quality with reasonable profit


Kuldeep Agarbatti is guiding the Entrepreneurs that how to follow up the billing and tax on sale of their finished goods.


Kuldeep Agarbatti will offer technology to make manufacturers own branded Agarbattis in their own brand as per Indian Market. The Manufacturers can go for Kuldeep Agarbatti with all rights or their own brand for their own market area. Kuldeep Agarbatti will empower the manufacturers if they work for Kuldeep Agarbatti  to use its brand name and logo during agreement period only.


Who should start

Dealers in Agarbatti & Pooja Items, Entrepreneurs, Businessmen, College Students, Housewives, Retired Person, Anyone who find this Profitable & Easy to start & sell. One who is already in this Business for gaining more Knowledge or expanding Business.


Daily use, Door to Door, near Temple - Mandir, Agarbatti Pooja items dealers, General store, Direct Public, Houses, Offices, Scent for Gift Novelties etc.

Here we teach you to make Masala Agarbatti by Hand Rolling on Bamboo sticks with use of Natural items like Dhoop, Ood, Loban, Herbal Powders, Chandan, Camphor etc. Also Herbal Mosquito Repellent Agarbatti is possible by Hand Roll. No side effect. Here we explain & Demonstrate mixing Few materials, proportions & making Dough by mixing water & Hand - Roll on Plain Bamboo sticks to get Masala Agarbatti.

The saying in our Indian Culture is that by burning Masala Agarbatti made from these Natural Powders purify the atmosphere & brings Happiness, Love, Peace, Prosperity & Progress in our life and Vastu & Feng Shui experts & Aroma Therapist also prefer this.

  • We give you varieties of formulas to make different kind of Masala Agarbattis like - Standard Masala batti, Chandan - Sandal, Rose - Gulabbatti, Mosquito Repellent Masala Agarbatti, Panadi WET Batti, Dry Batti, Dhoopbatti, Cone & few more varieties.

  • You can also modify as per your requirement and make your specialty.

  • Made as per our Ancient Texts with Aromatic Herbs & Ayurvedic Powders.

  • Ideal for Daily Pooja, Havan, Meditation & Yoga Therapy.

  • You can also add Natural Essential Oil or Aroma Oil to make it more Prestigious.

  • You can also make Dhoop Batti by Hand Process with the same material.

  • You can also to get pure material at Low rate for your own Religious purpose.

  • DRY Stick & WET Batti idea is provided. One can roll on the stick or can bake stickless batti / cone also when the mixture is wet.

  • Masala Agarbatti

  • Coil Agarbatti

  • Dhoop Agarbatti

  • Mosquito Repellent Agarbatti

  • Havan Samagri

  • Dhoop

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